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  • Design and drafting of Architectural, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Drawings 
  • Design and modeling of engineering components and their assemblies 
  • Design and simulation of solid models (Finite Element Analysis) 
  • Training in CAD/CAM/GIS using Auto CAD, Pro/E, I-DEAS, Microstation-95, Map info and Arc info.


  • Topographical Surveys for command area development, urban planning and cadastral survey projects, pipeline and highway surveys. 
  • Photogrammetry and digital mapping aerotriangulation, data acquisition, online topographical database generation from analog and analytical stereo restituting instruments and digital terrain (DTM) generations

VLSI Simulation and Synthesis 

  • Design of electrical drawings 
  • Design synthesis of electronic circuits
  • Simulation of electronic circuits 
  • Training in Digital and Mixed signal design, Usage of VLSI languages, design synthesis and simulation. 


S3iL has developed software products in the areas of entertainment, distribution, financial services, hospital management, diary maintenance. 

Internet/Intranet solutions 

Solutions for networking, internet, intranet and virtual private networks. 

Web technologies 

  • Web design and development, web hosting and maintenance 
  • Web application, internet tools 

Client/Server solutions 

S3iL offers IT solutions incorporating client/server technology using LAN/WAN/WLAN 


Complete B2B and B2C solutions including portal design, development, hosting and maintenance. 

On-site consultancy 

Consultancy services are provided at client site. Our qualified and experienced professionals understand the needs of the clients and provide customized, cost effective solutions. 

Turnkey Projects 

The Company offers its client total solutions to their organization's business needs by providing the most comprehensive services and advanced technologies available to support the current and future needs.

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